Essential Oils

Rose Oil

The rose plant is one of the most valuable essential oils, as it contains a very low amount of it. It is a fragrant natural oil that has been used from ancient times to the present day with its cooling and refreshing effect.Oil is used in various areas from feverish diseases to headaches, even healing skin wounds, removing inflammation, moisturizing  and promoting circulation.In addition to being a healing aromatic oil, it is suitable for use in aromatherapy to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

Rose petals are harvested by hand picking early on the day of distillation. In order to create rose oil, the plants first pass through moderate steam. The purpose of passing through steam is to take the fragrant part of the plant. The resulting fragrant steam is waited for cooling and the oil is filtered from the resulting water mixture. It takes a lot of rose petals to make rose oil, which is quite laborious.

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