Essential Oils

Myrtle Oil

The plant is often referred to in texts from both Greek and Roman civilizations. In Rome, some plants were used as symbols of sovereignty. The most important of these plants is the myrtle (Myrtus communis) shrub. The first plant planted by the state in public spaces in Rome is the myrtle bush. Aristophanes reports that Greek soldiers used myrtle branches to bless weapons. In Roman civilization, myrtle bush was used for fumigation. In Greek civilization, myrtle bush is used for worship together with Bryonia. Instead of taking a bath, the Romans rubbed vegetable oil on their bodies and then scraped the dirt off their bodies with metal tools. Among these vegetable oils, the oil obtained from the myrtle bush is also mentioned. The leaves have been used to make perfumes.

The leaves of the myrtle plant produce a rich oil that can be used for different things. Eucalyptus and tea tree oil are other known members of the myrtle plant family. Because of its antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, decongestant and astringent properties, myrtle oil is versatile and can be used for different purposes.

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