Essential Oils

Lavender Oil

Lavender, scientific common name Lavandula , is a perennial and evergreen plant with more than 40 varieties. The flowers, leaves and essential oil of lavender, which is a symbol of eternal love and loyalty, are used as natural medicine. Lavender, is very rich in vitamins and minerals, can be consumed both as oil and as tea.

The lavender plant blooms in June and July. It branches strongly and as it ages, the lower branches become lignified. The appropriate harvest time of the lavender plant is the flowering period. In order not to damage the color and aroma of lavender flowers, they should not be dried in the sun.

Lavender essential oil is mostly used in the cosmetics , perfume and health industries. The antiseptic and antibiotic effect of lavender oil  is one of its characteristic features.Due to this future lavender oil has a special place in aromatherapy applications. In the literature, the effect of aromatherapy on patients receiving some heavy medical treatment has been examined and most of the patients were found to be positively affected by this condition.

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