About Us

SEHERA was founded in Çukurova Teknokent  and carries out its activities on aromatic oils and the combination of these oils with various polymeric materials. SEHERA is a company that aims to improve the welfare and health of the society by combining its scientific infrastructure on biomaterials/tissue engineering with contributions from nature.

Dr. Seda Ceylan, founder of the company, received her B.Sc in Chemical Engineering from İzmir Institute of Technology University and her MA and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering from Mersin University. Dr. Ceylan has been continuing her scientific research in Adana Alparslan Türkeş Science and Technology University at Bioengineering Department since 2014.

Ceylan’s research interests is centralized on biomaterials such as wound dressing materials and biological macromolecules obtained from natural materials. She mainly works on extracts obtained from plants and the applications of combining these extracts with polymeric biomaterials.

Our mission is to achieve business excellence in healing oils by offering a range of natural products to the customers. We aim to supply the benefits of oils in the light of science in order to reach more people. The oils we export are used as raw materials in cosmetics and perfumery, as additives in food production and as a basic material in the Pharmaceutical industry.